"Thank you very much for organising this beautiful course. Your real actors performed really well and gave us a lot of feedback. The course is very useful and well prepared. I definitely recommend this course to all doctors."

Yaroslav, London

"Good course - interactive and got the opportunity to do stations and look at others as well which is the best way to learn. Also got individualised feedback. Good range of feedback. Thank you!

Dr NK, Leicester

"The feedback is personalised and built in the course, which makes progress obvious by the end of the day."

Name withheld on request, Wilts

"The most useful thing about this course is the opportunity to receive individualised feedback due to the small group. Another important thing is having Abrar and Robin closely observing you and supporting you. I think this is the best course."
Dr Ibrahim Yahli, London


"I found the course very useful. The facilitators are experienced and the role players give specific information about ways of improving performance. I felt supported and the course helped build confidence. I would recommend the course."

Dr CK, North West


"Good teaching course for CASC, working at the level of cognition"

Dr Ikrom Arzikulov, London

"I liked the small group discussion, practice and detailed feedback. It helped me realise potential areas for development. It is different from other courses, is like a mini mock. I would recommend the course."

Dr Nahid Hakim, London


"Very effective due to small group. Individual strengths and weaknesses identified. Very helpful and boosted self confidence. I left the course with increased confidence. I would recommend the course."


"I absolutely loved this course. The individual needs were ascertained from the beginning and the work was tailored accordingly. There were plenty of opportunities to practice stations. I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues." 

Dr Cosmina Cross, Hampshire

"Excellent course. Gave me more than I expected. Small group allowed intensive practice and professional actors gave a hard time and many useful tips. Overall, very high standard, thoughtful training. I would definitely recommend it to everyone."

Dr Tatsiana Luhakova, Newcastle

"This was a very useful course which focuses on each individual attending to highlight the strengths and improve the individual weaknesses. I found the course extremely helpful in my preparation for the CASC and will be recommending it to anyone taking the CASC. Thank you Abrar and Robin!"

Dr Alina Luben, London

"I have done several courses but the level of feedback that I received here was superb. It is really value for money. I will highly recommend this to my friends."

Dr S Chaudhuri, London

"Fantastic CASC preparation course that is unusual in concept and delivery. A unique course that focuses on the candidate as a unique individual. Lots of time devoted to feedback. Facilitators also keen and willing to demonstrate approaches to difficult stations. This is a course that is highly recommended."
Dr O Claudius-Adeniyi, London

"The course lived up to its name 'Cognitions for CASC'. Changed the faulty cognitive distortions, helped improve my confidence, more genuine in helping candidates." 

Nimmi, India

"Cognitions for CASC training course was a very well planned tutorial. I liked that there were many stations to practice and a small group with plenty of individual personal advice. I have not attended any other course. I would definitely recommend this course to other students. Thank you!"
Mini, Liverpool

"Excellent course. Helped improve my consultation. I would recommend it." 
Dr Maurya, Berkshire

" I really liked working in small groups. The actors are very professional and gave good feedback. The course built my confidence significantly. I would absolutely recommend it to everybody."                     
Dr Elia, London

"It was the best course that I have experienced. It helped me to improve my communication skills. I would definitely recommend to other CASC candidates."
Dr Rajarshi Das, Barnsley

"Focus on active listening and advice about relaxation. Excellent coaching for CASC."
Dr Nazim Hussain, West Yorkshire

"This course can be useful for candidates who struggle to pass the CASC exam. Addressed my specific needs. I would recommend it."
Dr A Vemula, North West

"Very helpful course. Small group. Individual feedback. Thank you very much. I would recommend the course."
Ilona, Hertfordshire

"Very good personalised CASC sessions in small groups, personalised and targeted feedback to ensure you focus on areas of genuine weakness for development."
Yohannes, Sussex

"Really good. Helps to develop your communication skills. Detailed feedback." 
Dr Maha Hassan

"I enjoyed the ethos of small group teaching as it meant that the course organisers were able to give personalised feedback and this was invaluable for my preparation. Course organisers were very supportive and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!"

Name withheld on request

"The course was excellent. It was very helpful to increase my confidence and help me build my skills. I would definitely recommend the course. Many thanks"

Name withheld on request

"I liked the course which was beneficial because it helped to build my confidence and to improve my skills. Thanks to Dr Hussain and the motivator, Robin."

Name withheld on request

"Very intense course, had enough opportunity to practice scenarios of my preference. Good feedback and coaching received."

Name withheld on request

"The course focused on structure, technique and skills. It helped me tackle stations that were not clear to me including difficult communication. The smaller size of the group makes one more able to focus. I would recommend this course."

Name withheld on request

"Very straightforward, clear and personalised feedback, useful voice session, exploring cognition that can hold back candidates from performing at their best."

Name withheld on request

"Working on anxiety. How to manage difficult questions. Working at the level of cognition. I would recommend the course to my colleagues."

Name withheld on request

"Identification of specific issues in my performance. Immediate feedback and suggestions. Enjoyed the course. Felt tired at the end of the course - good practice for the actual CASC."

Name withheld on request


Excellent course. Tailored for personal needs unlike other courses. Got feedback immediately and again at the end. I would recommend the course to anyone sitting the CASC."

Name withheld on request 

"The small group is a bonus. I really felt my own issues were addressed. Good personal feedback. Good opportunity to work on the weaknesses."

Name withheld on request

"It was helpful to have a small group which allowed for adequate opportunity to practice. Facilitators were encouraging and unhurried in providing feedback." 
Name withheld on request, Singapore

"Glad to attend the course. Liked everything about the course. It is different from other courses as it has small groups. I would recommend this course."

Name and location withheld on request

"Unique course in that feedback is very thorough and detailed. Feels almost like 1:1 coaching."

Name and location withheld on request

"Very good course. Covers a lot of material. Constructive criticism. Helped me gain more confidence. I would recommend this course."

Name withheld on request, London

"The course helped me to identify my weaknesses in communication skills. It was a very helpful course. Very personalised and friendly. Helpful trainers who knew candidates individually and helped accordingly."

Name and location withheld on request.

We believe in continuous improvement and ask all our participants for feedback to help us improve. The vast majority of feedback is excellent and over 90% of candidates are happy to recommend the course. 

Here is a selection of the feedback received: 

"The course is well structured, all aspects of the CASC examination are covered along with communication skills. The course goes far beyond just CASC exam preparation. It helped me understand the minute essentials of communication with patients/service users. This course is exactly what candidates appearing for the CASC need."

S. Radhakrishnan, North West

"On a personal level, it has helped me build my level of confidence with the constructive feedback. I particularly liked the actor when he acted as an uncooperative patient. I would definitely recommend this course."

Oluyemi Akinmolayan, Midlands 

"Really good CASC course and does what it says on the tin. I would highly recommend for CASC practice. It is more individualised and specific training. I feel more confident and assertive. Friendly and experienced trainers, very impressed by Robin and Abrar. I have very high regard for both."

Srinivas, Hull 

"Very practical. Good guidance to the exam. Very helpful. Recommend."

Watarek Kumar, Newcastle

"Small groups allowed for more personal feedback. Helped me concentrate on my confidence and level of speech. Focus on rapport and here and now. Will definitely recommend."

Tunde, Leicester


"It was a brilliant experience, really useful, good, constructive feedback given."

Hossain Mohammad, South West London


"Have found this course very useful, gave me enough practice on scenarios of my choice. Groups were small and so better to practice with. Received good feedback and coaching."

Aesha Aseri, Manchester 


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