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CASC Skills £49

Clinical A £49

Clinical B £49

CASC Skills Webinar

Trainers: Dr Abrar Hussain and Robin Samson

This Webinar is an important part of your CASC revision and will teach you the core and advanced skills needed for the exam. It will focus on strategies and approaches to maximise your chances of success in the exam. The Skills Webinar will also train you in effective communication skills and interview techniques for the CASC. Attending the Webinar will help you develop the best possible mindset for the exam helping you to perform under pressure. There will be no role play.

CASC Clinical Webinars

Trainers: Dr Abrar Hussain and Dr Donna Arya

Revising for the CASC involves reading a lot of clinical information. The Clinical Webinars will distil key facts and information from 'high yield' topics helping you to revise rapidly and effectively. In addition to the salient points for each clinical topic, this Webinar will teach you how the information can be clinically applied for the particular station. The main aim is to boost your factual knowledge and enhance your exam preparedness. There will be no role play.

There are 2 CASC Clinical Webinars each covering the following essential CASC topics

Clinical Webinar A

Mental State Examination

Risk assessment overview

Frontal lobe assessment

Cranial nerves examination

Neurological examination

Cognitive distortions

Conversion disorder

Mental Capacity

Mild Cognitive Impairment

Alcohol dependence

Delirium Tremens

Korsakoff syndrome

Arson assessment

Perinatal drug use

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

Clinical Webinar B

Mental State Examination

Risk assessment overview




Electroconvulsive therapy

Family Therapy

Refeeding syndrome

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Learning Difficulties

Borderline personality disorder

Medication in pregnancy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Serotonin syndrome

CASC Course (On Site) 

Trainers: Dr Abrar Hussain and Robin Samson along with professional actors

Our one day CASC course offers intensive coaching in a small group setting with individual attention and focused feedback. You will perform CASC stations with professional role players and receive feedback from our experienced trainers. Habitual errors can be corrected and gains consolidates. At the end of the course, our trainers will be able to summarise your overall performance and collaboratively generate your specific CASC Action Plan.

Stations covered will be from the domains tested in the CASC: 

History taking, Mental state examination, Physical examination, Risk assessment and Patient management.


CASC Course £395

CASC Practice Day

Trainers: Dr Abrar Hussain and Robin Samson

The CASC Practice Day is the final step in your CASC revision. It gives you the opportunity to fine tune your CASC skills. You will be able to practice stations of your choice and receive feedback through the day.


CASC Course £295

Bespoke Coaching​

We are able to deliver bespoke training on an individual basis or for small groups. There is very limited availability.

This can be delivered face to face or via Skype.


Please contact us for details.